Login Error

I can't login!

If you can't login at the UH Web Login Service, use the "Forgot my password" link on that page.

If you successfully logged in to the UH Web Login Service but were directed to this page instead of the database you wanted, there are a few possible reasons:

  1. Our system does not show you are currently enrolled or working at KCC. If you are, register online or at the Circulation Counter in the library. It takes a few working days to process registrations.
  2. You have library fines over $10. Fines can be paid at the Circulation Counter in the library.
  3. Try a different computer. If it works, there is some setting on the first computer preventing you from logging in. Clear your browser's cache, disable Form AutoFill, disable proxy settings. Or, switch to a different browser like Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.
  4. Contact us. Provide as much detail as possible so we can help troubleshoot your problem: the exact error message you received, etc.

You can also Logout from all UH Web Login Services.