ebrary is a full-text collection of over 80,000 books covering all subjects from the world's leading publishers, plus special technology to help you effectively use these online books for research.

How Do I Search ebrary?

On the Search tab, choose Simple, Advanced, or Browse (by Subject). Enter your search terms and hit Enter or click the Search button. Click on the cover of the book you want to read.

How Do I Use ebrary?

You will need to install the ebrary Reader browser plugin to use this resource. Click the "Get ebrary Reader" button on the ebrary Home page and follow the instructions in your browser. You may need to allow downloading and installing depending on your browser's settings, and there are detailed instructions available at the ebrary site. The first time you use the ebrary Reader you will be asked to Accept their Terms of Use.

Use the Contents tab to quickly move around the book, or use the Reader menu above the book to flip page-by-page or jump to a specific page.

Select a word or phrase in the text of the book, and the InfoTools menu will pop up. Choose: Define, Explain, Locate, Translate, or Who to open a new window with additional information about the selected text.

By creating a personal ebrary account, you can save books to your personal Bookshelf and add page-by-page notes and colored highlighting to any book.

Click Help at the top of the Search panel for additional support, ask at the Reference Desk in the library, or see the Quick Guide (PDF).