General Collection

These books comprise the main part of the library's circulating materials and are housed on the second floor. They cover all subject areas supporting the College curriculum and are classified according to the Library of Congress Classification System (see below).

Oversized books are shelved separately to make the most efficient use of shelf space, and are located in the back of the second floor near the stairs.

Library of Congress Call Number System

Like most academic libraries, KCC library uses the Library of Congress Classification System (LC) to arrange books in subject order according to 21 major classes of knowledge. Public and school libraries use the Dewey Decimal Classification System.

LC call numbers consist of three divisions: class and subclass (designated by letters), and a final item-specific number. The following list presents the main classes. Exact call numbers for materials available in UH libraries can be found using the library's online catalog, Hawaiʻi voyager.

Call Number Subject Area
A General Works
B-BJ Philosophy
BF Psychology
BH-BX Religion and Theology
C History of Civilization: Antiquities, Chronology, Heraldry, Geneology, Biography
CC Archaeology
CS Genealogy
D General History
DA History - Great Britain
DB History - Austria, Hungary, France
DC History - France
DD History - Germany
DE-DJ History - Greece, Italy, and Netherlands
DK History - Russia, Poland and Finland
DL History - Scandinavia
DP History - Spain and Portugal
DQ-DR History - Switzerland, Turkey, and Balkans
DS History - Asia
DT History - Africa
DU History - Australia and Oceania (including Hawaiʻi)
E 1-143 History - America (general)
E 151 - F170 History - United States
F 1001 - 1140 History - Canada
F 1201 - 3799 History - Mexico, Latin and South America
G-GA Geography and Cartography
GB-GC Physical Geography and Oceanography
GE-GV Anthropology, Folklore, Customs, and Recreation
H-HA Social Sciences (general) and Statistics
HB-HJ Economics, Transportation, Commerce and Finance
HM-HX Sociology
HQ Family, Marriage, Women's Studies
J Political Science
K Law
L Education
M Music and Books on Music
N Visual Arts: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Applied Arts
NA Architecture
NC Graphic Arts
ND Painting
P General Language and Literature
PA Classical Language and Literature
PB-PH Modern European Languages
PJ-PL Oriental Language and Literature
PM Hyperborean, American, and Artificial Languages
PN Literary History
PQ Romance Literature
PR English Literature
PS American Literature
PT Teutonic Literature
PZ Fiction and Juvenile Literature
Q General Science
QA Mathematics
QB Astronomy
QC Physics
QD Chemistry
QE Geology
QH Natural History and Biology
QK Botany
QL Zoology
QM Human Anatomy
QP Physiology
QR Microbiology
QS-QZ Preclinical Sciences
R Medicine
RA Health and Nutrition
RC Radiology/Respiratory Therapy
RG Gynecology and Obstetrics
RT Nursing
S Agriculture
T Technology and Engineering
TR Photography
TX Food Service, Hospitality
U Military Science
V Naval Science
W Medicine (National Library of Medicine Classification)
Z 1 - 5051 Bibliography and Library Science
Z 5052 - 7999 Subject Bibliography
Z 8001 - 8999 Personal Bibliography