Acceptable Conduct

General Rules of Conduct

  1. Library Users must speak quietly while in the library and must not engage in any activity or type of behavior that inhibits the use of the library by others.
  2. Library Users must turn off their pagers and/or cell phones prior to entering the library.
  3. Library Users must not interfere with a library staff member's performance of his or her duties.
  4. The Library provides pay telephones for the use of Library Users. Library Users may not use staff telephones.
  5. Library Users must not verbally or physically abuse, intimidate, or harass anyone while in the library. Display of sexually explicit images or sounds where others can see or hear them may create a hostile environment and could consitute sexual harassment according to University of Hawaiʻi Policy E2.210 (PDF).
  6. Library Users may not engage in overt sexual behavior.
  7. Children under the age of thirteen may not be left unattended for any period of time. Library staff will promptly contact parents of unattended children or notify campus security and/or juvenile authorities.
  8. Library Users must either return or renew a borrowed library item before the item's loan period has expired. The patron must also return a borrowed item if requested to do so by a library staff member. Library Users must not take from the library any item, resource, equipment or property that they have not borrowed or for which they have not received prior authorization to take with them.
  9. Library Users must not conceal any library item or resource so as to prevent other Library Users from using that item or resource.
  10. Library Users must be careful when using a library item, resource, or property.
  11. Library Users must not intentionally deface or otherwise damage the library item, resource, or property.
  12. Library Users must not mark, underline, remove or fold pages or portions of pages, remove binding, or affix post-it notes and attach paper clips to a library item.
  13. Library Users must not vandalize the library building or its furniture and equipment, including the library's computer systems, network, programs and data. To do so would be a violation of Hawaiʻi State Law, and the library will prosecute any violators to the full extent of the law.
  14. Library Users must abide by the University of Hawaiʻi Policy on Acceptable Use of University Computer and Information Resources (PDF).
  15. Library Users must comply with applicable intellectual property laws, including U.S. Copyright Law.
  16. Library Users must not consume any food or beverage within the library with the exception of water enclosed in a sealable container. The library reserves the right to inspect all drinking containers to ensure compliance.
  17. The use of tobacco products or betel nuts in the library or within the breezeway area at the entrance to the library is strictly prohibited. See UH Tobacco Products Policy for additional information.
  18. Library Users must not spit in the library's environs.
  19. Library Users are solely responsible for their personal property.
  20. Library Users must not enter restricted areas of the library. Such areas are clearly marked as restricted to access only by authorized library personnel.
  21. Library Users must leave the library at closing and during emergency situations, such as fire drills.
  22. Bicycles, mopeds and scooters are to be parked in designated areas. These items may not be secured to handrails or posts meant to assist the disabled.
  23. Library Users must not use roller blades, skateboards, and skates within the library.
  24. With the exception of service animals as defined in Title II, 35.136 (PDF) of the Americans with Disabilities Act and on-duty police dogs, animals are not permitted in the library unless otherwise authorized by the library manager or designee. Service animal means any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability.
  25. Animals may not be left fastened to handrails or posts outside of the library while the owner/caretaker is inside the building.
  26. Library Users may not carry firearms or other deadly weapons, including explosive devices, into the library.

Violation of Rules of Conduct

The purpose of the conduct policy is to inform you of your responsibilities. We encourage you, as a patron, to consider not only your needs, but also the needs of others. If you witness a violation, please bring it to the attention of the Library staff. We will immediately report all incidents to the appropriate authorities.

Anyone who violates these Rules may be asked to leave the library. In addition, the library may prohibit the violator from accessing the library and its resources and services in the future.

Violators risk being suspended or dismissed from the College, and risks being prosecuted under applicable city, state and federal laws. This Policy supplements the University of Hawaiʻi Student Conduct Code and other UH system policies.