Tuesday March 18, 2003  10:30 AM ~

Char Room, Lama Library


The special journey begins with the harbor where the very first Korean immigrants stepped off the steam ship Gaelic.  With black and while historical documentary films KITV’s Pamela Young introduces a great sampling of modern and ancient Korea, including the old capital of Gyeongju and the recent most popular drama “To Be With You”.


The tour was organized by the Centennial Committee of Korean Immigration to the United States and was captured for the KITV Television Special “Return to Choson” as part of the Centennial celebration.


100 years later over 2 million Koreans are living throughout the US.  There are more than 50 events planned to celebrate the special year and this is a great opportunity for us to experience the journey.



Sepecial Mahalo to: KITV-4 and the Hawaii Korean Centennial Committee.


Hosted by Sachi Fujita, Char Asia-Pacific Librarian
















~a third generation Korean-American writer visits the land of his ancestors ~


Tuesday March 18, 2003  11:15 AM ~

Char Room, Lama Library


UHM professor Gary Pak recently spent a sabbatical doing research on the country of his heritage, Korea.  Come listen to him speak about his experiences, thoughts, and impressions.


Hosted by: Soo Ah Yuen, Korean Language Instructor