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Setting Goals and Objectives: (10 Years and I'm Still Here)

Kalani Fujiwara will guide you through the art of setting goals and objectives. Ask yourself the question, what to I want to be and how am I going to get there. Focus - Life is short, don't waste it!

Thursday, February 23, 2017
Lama 118 (Library)
10:45 am - 11:48 am

General Outline of Workshop

Finding your way in the Bigger World

College can be considered the first step in your Journey through the adult world
Easy to be Distracted and Sidetracked
Need a Compass to help guide you though tough, sad, and good times
Compass = Setting Goals and Objectives

Looking at the Big Picture

Students and people in general are bothered by the "Small Things" in life.
Looking at the big picture (Social Science Skills)
Can make it in life with Good Planning and Persistence to Good Planning

What is your Ideal Life? (Exercise)

Achieving the Dream

Committing your dreams or ideal life on paper!
No "Waha" Syndrome
Now you are ready to answer the HOW
Why are you here in College?
First step is to know "why you are here"

OK to explore, BUT...

Time in college is to explore "find your calling in life"
But you should get on with your goals and objectives

Tale of Two Students

Student #1: Brian (Goal Failure)

Started KCC Back in 1989 and he is still here
Fails to complete Classes
No Solid Goals

Student #2 Tokuko (Goal Keeper)

Started in 1987 - Graduated in 2007
Her Goal was to graduate
Worked full time with family
Took only one class at a time

Differences between the Two Students

Lets Commit your Goals into Writings (Handout)

Make Goals and Objectives
What are the differences
Make sure goals are clear and concise
Make sure goals and objectives are realistic
IMPORTANT: Make and attainable deadline
Make sure the Objective matches the Goals

Keys to setting Goals and Objectives and Objectives

Write it down
Realistic Goals and Objectives
Have attainable deadlines
Review Progress and make adjustments
Remember the 3P's - Persistence, Patience, and the Payoff.


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