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Home > Schedule > UHCC Common Scholarship Application

UHCC Common Scholorship Application

Presenters: Sara Beth Andres, Jennifer Bradley, Jonathan Wong

Workshop Flyer

"Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration." – Evan Esar



Tuesday, February 5 1:30pm – 2:30pm `Iliahi 231 (`Imiloa)
Monday, February 11 4:30pm – 5:30pm `Iliahi 231 (`Imiloa)
Thursday, February 14 1:30pm – 2:30pm Manele 101
Wednesday, February 20 9:30am – 10:30am `Iliahi 231 (`Imiloa)
Thursday, February 21 1:00pm – 2:00pm `Iliahi 113 (TRIO)

What is it?

The New UH System Common Scholarship Application

Who Can Apply?

Students attending any of the 10 UH Campuses.
Any student who wants to be considered for UH System scholarships.

When is the Deadlines to Apply

March 1, 2013 by 4:00 pm HST

Why should I apply?

Any little bit $ helps! -- it doesn't hurt (we promise)

Where do I Apply?



Steps to Apply

Step 1: Be a UH Student

Step 2: Apply for the FAFSA (http://www.fafsa.gov)

Documents that you will need?

  • Your SSN and parents(s) SSN (if applicable)
  • Alien registration card (if applicable)
  • Drivers License #
  • Federal tax information such as ytour W-2, parents(s) W-2 (if applicable)
  • Record of any untaxed income
  • Information on savings & checking accounts, investments, business & farm assets

Priority Deadlines

March 1, 2013 UH Hilo, Manoa & West Oahu
April 1, 2013 - All UH Community Colleges

Step 3: Transcripts

Have yourt official high school or college transcripts sent to the UH System Scholarship Office

Postmarked by March 1

Incoming Freshmen Students:

  • Have your official high school transcrip(s) sent
  • If you attened more that one high school, please request a transscrip from each of the high schools

Transfer Students:

  • Have your official College/University transcrip(s) sent
  • If you attended more than one college/university, please request a transcript from each college/university

Continuing UH Students (w/less than 12 credits at UH):

  • Please send your official high school transcrip(s) if you have less than 12 credits completed at UH or any college/university.
  • Please send you official college transcrip(s) if you have at least 12 credits completed at another college/university but have less than 12 credits at UH

Continuing UH Students (w/at least 12 credits at UH):

  • If you have at least 12 credits at UH, you do NOT need to have any transcripts sent

Step 4: Letters of Recommendation: Request permission from at least two (2) people to write letters for you and get their email addresses.

Deadline to submit is March 9, 2013

Who can I ask to wite a letter of Recommendation? examples...

  • Teachers or Professors
  • Organization Leaders
  • Religious Leaders
  • Employers
  • Community Leaders

Step 5: Personal Statement

Prepare your personal statement in a word document then copy & paste it when prompted

  • Your Statement should include:
  • Your educational & career goals
  • Personal backgrould
  • Current employment
  • Any accomplishments, incuding honors or awards
  • Any extracurrucular activites
  • How these scholarships have helped and /or will help in your education
  • Why you think you deserve a scholarship
  • Any barriers to you obtaining your goals & how you plan to overcome them

The Scholarship committee wants to know YOU!

Steps to Writing A Personal Statemet

  • A "snapshot" of yourself
  • A piece of YOU
  • Stop thinking start writing
  • Find editors (proofreaders)
  • Re-use your personal statements

Step 6: Essays

  • Prepare your personal statement in a word document then copy & paste it when prompted
  • Essays do not take the place of personal statements

Once you submit your application you CANNOT make changes!

Make sure your application is complet and accurate

Step 7: Fill Out the Online Application


UH System Scholarships Website


UHCC Study Abroad Scholarship Website


QUESTION??? scholars@hawaii.edu


Presi Presentation by Sara Beth Andres


Presentation in PDF - visit presentation page

Application Questions: Presentation

Help/QUESTION??? scholars@hawaii.edu

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