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Queen Kapi'olani Visit to Kalaupapa

KCC Professor Colette Higgins will give a presentation about how Queen Kapi?olani assisted the patients at Kalaupapa. Information is based on her Spring 2008 sabbatical research.

When: Monday, March 30, 2015
Where: Lama 118 (Library)
Time: 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm


Queen Kapi'olani's Visit to Kalaupapa

Colette, goes over information that she collected during her sabatical (Spring 2008) about the relationship of the Queen and Kalaupapa

Presentation Topics: Queen Kapi’olani [1834-1899] –

Palace garden party (June 1884),
Visit with the leprosy patients at Kalaupapa, Moloka'i (June 1884),
Correspondence with Fr. Damien (July to October 1884), and
The dedication of Kapi’olani Home for Girls of leprous parents, Kaka'ako Oahu (November 1885)

Summary/Key Findings:

The Kapi’olani Home for Girls, one of only two institutions personally established by Queen Kapi’olani, served for 53 years for those girls whose parents had leprosy. An examination of primary sources reveals a woman who lent her time, talent, demonstrating a truly compassionate nature, and with an attention to detail that will inspire those who serve the least fortunate in our community.

Recommendation For Further Reading:

  • Adler, Jacob and Gwynn Barrett, Editors.  The Diaries of Walter Murray Gibson 1886, 1887.  Honolulu:  The University Press of Hawaii, 1973 (199 pages).
  • Board of Health, Territory of Hawaii.  The Kapi’olani Girls’ Home, Honolulu, T.H. and Proposed Boys’ Home, Waimea, Hawaii.  Gazette Print, 1907 (19 pages).

Available as downloadable pdf [862 KB] through Google Books at <http://books.google.com/>.  Includes 3 photos. 

  • Bushnell, O. A.  “Dr. Edward Arning, the First Microbiologist in Hawaii.” The Hawaiian Journal of History, Vol. 1, 1967 (pp. 1-30).
  • Daws, Gavan.  Holy Man:  Father Damien of Molokai.  Honolulu:  University of Hawaii Press, 1973 (294 pages).
  • Dedication of the Kapi’olani Home Devoted to the Care of Girls, the Children of Leprous Parents, Not Yet Confirmed as Lepers, and Others Suspected of the Disease.  Honolulu:  Advertiser Steam Print, November 9, 1885 (47 pages).

Available as downloadable pdf [2.2 MB] through Google Books at <http://books.google.com/>.

  • Hanley, Sister Mary Laurence and O.A. Bushnell.  Pilgrimage and Exile:  Mother Marianne of Molokai.  Honolulu:  University of Hawaii Press, 1991 (427 pages).
  • Hutchison, Ambrose T.  In Memory of Reverend Father Damien J. De Veuster and Other Priests Who Have Labored in the Leper Settlement of Kalawao, Moloka`i.  Unpublished manuscript (86 typed pages). 

Written in 1931, the manuscript was recovered in Kalaupapa in 1932 and subsequently sent by Bishop J. Alencastre to Leuven, Belgium for storage and keeping in the Sacred Hearts Archives, St. Antoniusberg 7, B-3000 Leuven, Belgium.

  • Mouritz, A.A. St. M.  The Path of the Destroyer:  A History of the Leprosy in the Hawaiian Islands and Thirty Years Research Into the Means by Which It Has Been Spread.  Honolulu:  Star-Bulletin Press, 1916 (465 pages).

Available as downloadable pdf [6.9 MB] through Google Books at <http://books.google.com/>.  Includes 4 maps & 69 illustrations.

  • Report of the President of the Board of Health to the Legislative Assembly of 1886 on Leprosy.  Honolulu:  Daily Bulletin Steam Printing Office, 1886 (655 pages).

Available in downloadable pdf [21.8 MB] through Google Books at <http://books.google.com/>.  President's report is only 47 pages, the rest are various reports attached as appendices.  Appendix A:  Queen Kapi’olani’s visit to Molokai, 1884 (written by Princess Lili'uokalani) consists of 13 pages.  A handwritten draft of Lili'uokalani's report can be found at the Hawaii State Archives in the Kalanianaole Collection (M-80, Box 2, Folder 8 labeled Kalakaua correspondence).

  • Richardson, Janine M.  Keiki O Ka `Aina:  Institutional Care for Hawaii’s Dependent Children, 1865-1938.  Unpublished dissertation.  University of Hawai`i at Manoa, 2006 (401 pages). 

Available as downloadable pdf [20.1 MB] through ProQuest at <wwwlib.umi.com/dissertations/>.  Chapter 3 is about the Kapi`olani Home for Girls (pp. 95-177).

  • Williams, Riánna M.  “John Adams Cummins: Prince of Entertainers.” The Hawaiian Journal of History, Vol. 30, 1996 (pp. 153-168).
  • Yardley, Maili and Miriam Rogers.  Queen Kapi’olani.  Honolulu:  Topgallant Publishing, 1985 (65 pages).

Recommended Primary Sources in the Hawaiian language:

  • Ahahui Kokua Pilikia O Honolulu accounts, 1865-1869

This notebook is at the Hawaii State Archives in the Kalanianaole Collection (M-80, Box 2, Folder 2 labeled Kamehameha V).  The first dozen or so pages date from 1865-1869 when Kapi'olani served as the pu'uku (treasurer).  It seems Kapi'olani recycled the notebook because the second half, which dates from 1884, includes:  petition from people of Kalawao noting 6 pilikia (problems), papa inoa (lists of names with age & birth place) of men, women and children, and their specific needs.  This seems to be a duplication of similar lists that Fr. Damien kept in order to manage the requests and facilitate distribution of donated clothing, and other goods, to those in need.

  • 5 letters written by Queen Kapi'olani to Fr. Damien in 1884. 

The originals are in the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts Archives in Louvain, Belgium.  They were translated into English by Thomas Maunapau in 1938.  Contact presenter if you’d like a copy of these letters (can be sent as a pdf attached to email).

  • 6 letters written by Fr. Damien to Queen Kapi'olani in 1884. 

The originals were in Therese Malani's private collection in 1955.  She showed them to either Francis Larkin or Charles Davenport, who were the English translators of Vital Jourdain’s The Heart of Father Damien (original was in French).  Miss Malani translated the August 6, 1884 letter, which is included in that 1955 publication in Appendix 1 (pp. 404-405).  If you know the whereabouts of the originals, please contact the presenter.  The presenter has only been able to locate the French translation of these letters, which are in the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts Archives in Rome.

Colette Higgins Web Site: http://www2.hawaii.edu/~chiggins/


Additional Resources

Queen Kapiolani

Author: Maili Yardley, Miriam Rogers.
Publisher: Honolulu, Hawaii : Topgallant Pub. Co., 1985.
Description: 65 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.

ISBN: 0914916734 (pbk.)
Kapiolani CC: Hawaiian (1st Floor)
KCC Library - Reserve Collection (
Circulation Desk)
Call Number: DU627.17.K37 Y37 1985


Kapiolani, Queen of Hawaii, 1834-1899.
Hawaiian chants.
Hawaiian poetry.
Hawaii--Kings and rulers--Biography.
Hawaii--History--To 1893.

This story begins as a history of the Kapiolani Maternity Hospital, but as Miriam Rogers and I read through the early hospital minutes we became more amd more fasinated by stories of the founder, Queen Kapiolani. After reading through the minutes, we began researching through old newspapers, books, articles, and photographs. After a year and a half of sitting through notes and tapes, we have compiled our information on Queen Kapiolani in one story.

Kalaupapa Videos

Kalaupapa, Molokai: Flyover

Kalaupapa Peninsula, Moloka'i: Slide show


Visit to Kalaupapa: My visit to Kalauapapa, the site of a settlement for those with Hansen's disease (or leprosy) in February 2008. (By Catherine E. Toth, 2008)


Pamela Young takes you to Molokai for a close up visit at Kalaupapa.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxYCbLmodHo (Embed disabled by request)

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