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Writing Techniques

Writing is a very important form of communication. If you want write well you’ll do well in school, college and in your career. If you can’t write well then you will miss many opportunities in life. Writing well requires that you learn a variety of techniques used for different writing purposes. We suggest that you learn each of the following writing techniques.

1. Narration

The narration technique for writing is used when telling a story. The elements of a story include the setting, time, problem, resolution to the problem, a main character and often supporting characters. A novel is an example of a long story and a children’s book would be an example of short story. Movie and play scripts are also examples of narrations.

2. Description

A description is a simple yet very important writing technique. You will most frequently find descriptions in magazines, books, newspapers and many other forms of writing. The purpose of a description is to help the read use the senses of seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling to experience what the writer experiences. Descriptions help the reader to understand things about which the writer is writing.

3. Persuasion

The technique of persuasion is used in writing to try and change the reader’s point of view on a particular subject or topic. In this writing technique the writer presents in a compelling format facts and opinions in order to convince the reader. Persuasive writing is most commonly found in editorials, newspapers, magazines and political publications.

4. Exposition

The purpose of exposition is to inform, explain, expound or clarify the writer’s ideas and thoughts. While similar to descriptive writing, exposition provides the reader greater detail and depth of understanding about the writer’s thoughts and ideas. Expositions are most commonly found in newspapers, magazines and books.

5. Comparison and Contrast

The purpose of the writing technique is to show the reader the similarities and differences about a something. Comparison is used to show or explain how what is alike or common. Contract is used to show what is different. When asked to compare and contrast the Civil War with World War II the writer would show the similarities and differences between these two wars.

Employing the correct writing technique that helps you accomplish your purpose will enable you to communicate more effective and become a good writer.

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