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Lucky Seven Simpson

Lucky Seven Simpson: School House Rock video about multiplying by Seven.

Lyrics from:

Now you can call me Lucky 'cause Lucky's my name
Singin' and dancin', that's my game
I never did a whole day's work in my life
Still everything seems to turn out right
Like a grasshopper on a summer's day
I just love to play and pass the time away
'Cause I was born 'neath a lucky star

They said I'd go far

Makin' people happy, that's my favorite game
Lucky Seven is my natural name
Slippin' and slidin' my whole life through
Still I get everything done that I got to do
'Cause I was born 'neath a lucky star

School is where you are?
Aw, that's not hard
Let me show you

You multiply 7 x 1
I got 7 days to get
that problem done
Multiply 7 x 2
Take 14 laughs when
you're feelin' blue
Multiply 7 x 3
A 21-day vacation, you
can play with me
Multiply 7 x 4
You got 28 days, that's
one month more
To pay the mortgage
on your store, don't worry
Something will turn up! Yeah!

Multiply 7 x 5
I don't know how you did it but,
man alive, that's 35
Multiply 7 x 6
Grab a stick and make 42 clickety-clicks
Multiply 7 x 7
Take 49 steps right up to seventh
Multiply 7 x 8
They got 56 flavors and I just can't wait
Multiply 7 x 9
63 musicians, all friends of mine
Multiply 7 x 10
And that brings you right back to 70 again

You know, I think that's important
There's a trick there somewhere

Multiply 7 x 11
Even a rabbit knows that's 70 plus 7
Multiply 7 x 12
You got 84, and isn't that swell
I'm gonna try 7 x 13 just for fun, 70 plus 21
7 x 14 must be great
Well, exactly, that's 70 plus 28
7 x 15, man alive
That's 70 plus 35, 105

Man, this stuff is simple, no jive
You got it, now I gotta fly
Excuse me folks, I'm saying good-bye
I sure do thank you for the huckleberry pie
Take it home, boys

Remember Lucky Seven Sampson, that's my natural-born name
If you should ask me again, I'd have to tell you the same
You'll wake up tomorrow, you'll be glad that I came
'Cause you'll be singin' one of the songs that I sang
So keep a happy outlook and be good to your friend
And maybe I'll pass this way again

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