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Time Management - Planning

KISS Method - Keep It Super Simple

Don't become a slave to your planner and spend most of your time there.

Keep everything in one place

Each person is Unique

Use what works for you

Types of Planning Tools

Monthly or Term Calendar

Weekly Planner

"To Do" Lists (Plan the night before)

Platform that use these planning tools

Electronic Devices

Web/Online Resources

University of Hawaii System Resources





MSN Hotmail


Chart or Calendar Tips

Round off to the nearest 15 minutes

Keep task descriptions simple

Use different colors for different kinds of event

Use Arrows or boxes to define range

First: Add things to your calendar that are beyond your control

Next: Add things to your calendar that you have some control over

Need to do:

Want to do:

Planning Tips

Plan for 30-50% more time for each task, especially if this is the first time that you are doing it.

Try to leave some "Breathing Room"

Be proactive - leave some buffer time

Plan for interruptions and distractions in your day

Remember that things always come up when you are the busiest.

Good planning reduces overall Stress


Remember that Time is Money?

Benjamin Franklin - 1748 (Advice to a Young Tradesman)

There is 168 hours in a week

Divide this into 3 equal periods every week


The 3 equal periods for most full time students are...

56 hours = Sleep

56 hours = School

56 hours = Leisure

Add pie chart here

Sleep (Tips)

8 hours a day X 7 days a week = Total of 56 Hours

School and Study (Tips)

Full Time = 12 credits+ = 12 hours in Class per week

For every class credit = Study 2-3 hours

Full Time = about 36-48 hours/week

Add to this travel time and hand time between classes

Total is very close to 56 hours per week for School

Leisure or everything else in life

Try to live a balanced Life 56/56/56


Everyone needs to eat 3 meals a day

Breakfast is the most important

Try to stay away from fast foods

Personal Care

Nutrition and Health


Work: Include travel time

Communicate with your boss and co-workers is important

Two ways to schedule

Design your school schedule around work

Design your works schedule around school

Travel Tips: Commuting and Parking

Listen to recorded lectures

Review notes on the Bus

Try to remember 1 thing or concept

Family and Friends (Especially relationships)

Communication is very important

Make some deals

Your Environment Maintenance

Car, Computer/printer, clean clothes, food etc.

Keep up with your obligations and responsibilities etc.

14 hours of personal time per week (two hours a day)

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