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8 Ways to Abbreviate

1. Symbols and Graphics:

= equal /= does not equal
& and # number
* important ** very important
w/ with w/o with out
> greater than < less than
$ cost, money vs versus, against
S sum f frequency
(), {}, [] info belongs together    


2. Abbreviations - (don’t worry about punctuation and leave out the periods):

cm compare eg example
mn minimum mx maximum
dept department sum summary
Hon Honolulu HI Hawaii


3. Use only the first syllable of the word:

pol politics dem democracy
lib liberal int integrate
cap capitalism


4. Use the first syllable and only the first letter of the second:

subj subject cons conservative
pres presentation ind individual


5. Eliminate the final letters; just use enough to recognize the abbreviation:

assoc association intro introduction
rep repetition biol biology
concl conclusion info information
ach achievement chem chemistry
max maximum min minimum
conc concentration rep repetition


6. Omit vowels from the middle of words:

bkgrd background pprd prepared
estmt estimate rdng reading
orgnsm organism gvt government
prblm problem


7. Use apostrophes:

gov't government cont'd continued
am't amount educat'l educational


8. Form a plural of a symbol by adding "s":

/s ratios co-ops cooperatives
chpts chapters egs examples
fs frequencies intros introductions




Use "g" to represent "ing" endings

ckg checking estg establishing
decrg decreasing exptg experimenting



Chatroom or text messaging abbreviations

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