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Math and Testing Anxiety

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"Mathematics is ruthlessly cumulative." Stephen Pinker. - more

Moral and Political Philosophy - Thomas Hobbs (1588-1679) - Link

Test anxiety, to large degree is related to test preparation. The more prepared you are, the less you will experience anxiety.

Workshop Handouts:

Combating Academic Anxiety (Word 23k)
Testing Anxiety (Word 24k)
Why Math? (Word 11k)
Procrastinators Guide to Doing Homework (Word 21k)

Suggested Links: Do a Google search on "math anxiety" or "test anxiety".

Links checked 9.01.06

Other Resources:

10 Ways to Reduce Math Anxiety (Southwest Texas State University)

Some Tips for Dealing with Test Anxiety (by Amy Yelin - Student Development and Counseling Center, Worcester Polytechic Institute)

Test Anxiety (Sam Houston State University Counseling Center)

Virtual Handouts: Testing Anxiety (George Washington University Counseling Center)

Content developed for the the SOS Workshop: Math and Testing Anxiety by John Flanigan (Retired) with additional material added by SOS Coordinator.

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