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Library Resources - Library Tools

Be Prepared – Sharpen your Library Tools

1) ID/Library/Copy-Print Debit Card - Circulation Desk (1st one Free)

ID Card – UH System Wide ID Card

Library Card

Able to borrow books from any UH System Library
Access to back issues of Periodicals from KCC Library
UH Number + Last Name = Access to Online Databases from off campus.
Checkout PC Laptop Computers from Circulation to use in the Library

Copy-Print Debit Card (KCC only)

Use in copy machines and printers in
Computer Labs - Cybernesia in Iliahi 125-126, Lama 101
Each copy costs 10 cents a page everywhere.

2) Email - Any email account will work

UH accounts are FREE – features…
250 MB of email space
20 MB of server space
Register and access
https://myuh.hawaii.edu/cp/home/displaylogin  - Portal Access
https://mail.hawaii.edu  - Direct access to email
Email yourself Full Text Articles from our Online Databases
Communicate with your Instructor(s) and Classmate(s)
Understand how to do Attachments
Learn to manage your email

3) Laulima: (http://laulima.hawaii.edu)is the University of Hawaii's online Collaboration and Learning Environment. Laulima provides students with 24 hour accessibility to course content and communication tools for interaction with the instructor and other students within the course.

  • Many courses will use Laulima as a supplement to the traditional face-to-face class.
  • Online courses (WWW) will deliver all of the course material, testing, and communication within Laulima.
  • Students can use Laulima as a tool regardless if the courses that they are taking are using Laulima or not such as storing your documents online.

4) Assignment Information

Bring your research assignment information with you to the Library.
Use it as your guide as you work through your research.
Knowing what your instructor is asking for will help you get a better grade.

5) ASK:  Always Seek Knowledge

It is your responsibility to understand your research assignment.
Reference Desk - is your Help Desk.
Circulation Desk - for borrowing books and copier problems
We can save you quality time and point you in the right direction.
Remember:  The only dumb question is one that is never asked.
Know your Department, Campus and UH System Resources.
Laulima:  https://laulima.hawaii.edu

6) Make sure your computer is working and your skills up to date

Backup your documents / assignments.
Always have a backup plan

SOS (Secrets of Success) Workshops:
Free with no signup. 
Provides you with additional skills to get through college.
More information and updated schedule.  http://library.kcc.hawaii.edu/SOS

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