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Laulima For Students: My Workspace

My Workspace: is an individual online worksite that functions as a private workspace for each user. When you log in, you will automatically open your My Workspace, which will display the Message of the Day and My Workspace Information boxes. By default, these boxes contain announcements and information from the system administrator.

A site owner can revise what appears in the My Workspace Information box by clicking Options. Only a system administrator can modify the contents of the Message of the Day box, but a site owner can click Options to customize how announcements will display in the window.

Home: you will see areas for general information and synoptic views for communication tools used in your site. Additionally, you can view and alter your privacy status for the site.

Message of the Day from UH ITS: contain announcements and information from the system administrator.

Calendar/Schedule: A summarized version of the Schedule tool appears on the Home page of individual worksites. Site participants can see a summary of upcoming scheduled events. Days that contain events are highlighted.

Announcements: The Announcements tool is used to inform site participants about current items of interest. Announcements can have multiple attachments, such as documents or URLs. To see the Announcements from all the sites to which you belong, in the menubar of My Workspace, click Announcements.

Schedule: Schedule allows instructors or site organizers to post items in a calendar format. The calendar has day, week, month, year, and flat list views. Many instructors use Schedule to post readings for each class on the day they are due to be read.


1) Week, Day, Month, Year, List of events (between a range or all)
2) Tied to Printable version - if you go to list of events and put in a range or two weeks, you'll have the next two weeks of appointments for ALL your classes PLUS the description of the event (only view that includes description)

Earlier/Later links are for accessing hours before 8 AM and 5 PM.

Navigation buttons (which change to correspond with the view you're in) with a button to get quickly back to "Today" or "This Month"

Legend - Some Instructors, and yourself, can select the activity type when setting up an appointment so that at a glance, you can tell when you have an exam, deadline, etc.

Add Appointments - only within your workspace.

1. Taken to an event form where you can create an event by providing info such as:
2. The title
3. Date start
4. Duration (End time autofills according to duration)
5. Messages
6. Event frequency for reoccuring events (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
7. Location
8. Attachments
9. Other - You can create new text boxes if you want to add more fields. For example, an ATTENDANCE field where you can put the names of the people who will be at the event or an ASSIGNMENT field where you can paste the assignment information into this field. Only visible when you click on the event within Laulima.

Import - Allows you to import calendars from MS Outlook or any calendar that can output a CVS (Comma-Separated-Values) file.

Resources: Using the Resources tool, you can share many kinds of material securely with members of your site, or make them available to the public. You also have your own private Resources area in your My Workspace.

You can upload files (e.g., word processing documents, spreadsheets, slide presentations, and videos), as well as create and post HTML (web) pages and simple text documents, and share links to useful web sites.

You can organize your Resources items into folders, and you can control which groups or types of users can access and add to different folders.

Also, you can show or hide an item at any time, and set a start and/or end time for its availability.

Your own personal space

Online File System

1. Note that folders/files are tabbed to the right when it's located within another folder.
2. Note that you can sort by Title, Created By, Modified Date and Size.

WebDav enabled (Click on Upload-Download Multiple Resources and follow instructions)

1. Open your Resource folder like folders on your computer, with creating/renaming folder, Drag & Drop, copy, cut & paste functionality. Cannot work on files within this folder, haver to copy to a local folder than drag the new file into the WebDav folder to upload it to Laulima.

Add menu

Upload files: Can upload more than one file at a time (just click on "Add Another File").

Action menu: For modifying, moving, copying, deleting single files or folders.

Checkboxes: For moving/copying/deleting (removing) multiple files or folders.

Demo the "Paste Icon" which shows up if you move or copy a file or folder (same thing happens whether you do multiple or single). Paste icon only shows up next to folders.

Announcements: from My Workspace, you can view a consolidated list of announcements from all your sites.

List of all Announcements from all your classes. You can sort by Subject, Instructor (From), Class (Site), Date created (Date) or Beginning or End of announcement.

Preferences: in My Workspace you can set Preferences for how and how often you receive email notification of worksite activity, such as Email Archive messages, Announcements, and added Resources. You can also choose the worksites for which you'd like to see tabs.


1. "Opt in" to low priority Announcements or changes/updates to the Resources, Syllabus and Email Archive tools. Can get a separate email for each change or a summary of the day's changes/updates.
2. You can "Opt out" of the low priority announcements.
3. You will still get high priority announcements and changes/updates if your instructor chooses to make the notice high priority.

Customized Tabs:

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