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Secrets Of Success (SOS): In the News

New workshops target issues important to students at KCC
by Jonathan Chang

After receiving feedback from students, seven new SOS Workshops have been added to this semester's program.

Secret of Success (SOS) Workshops are free for all KCC students and are designed to help you get better grades and get through your academic year.

One of the new classes, "Healthy Relationships and Campus Safety," teaches students how to foster and maintain positive relationships in their lives and make smart dating decisions. More

Kapio (Newspaper of Kapiolani Community College)
Issue Date 09/08/2009 Section News
- Kapio Link

Students benefit from free workshops
by Joe Solima

SOS usually means “help” or “distress.” If you feel you need help or if you’re in distress, then possibly the SOS Workshops can rescue you.

All Secret of Success workshops are free and open to all KCC students. Its purpose is to provide students the skills and resources to get through college. These workshops give students a chance to interact with some of the best instructors on campus. More

Kapio (Newspaper of Kapiolani Community College)
Issue Date 10/14/2008 Section News
- Kapio Link

Laulima to replace WebCT system-wide
By Christopher Yee

To help bring faculty and students up to speed on working with Laulima, Secrets of Success (SOS) workshops are to be held in increased numbers next semester, when Laulima goes live for the all UH campuses. Over the summer, instructors will also be taking workshops to learn how to implement their courses into Laulima, learn HTML and how to utilize the tools that Laulima has to offer.

Kapio (Newspaper of Kapiolani Community College)
Issue Date 10/14/2008 Section News
- Kapio Link

SOS program assists students through rough waters
By: Thomas Duarte

The SOS program is not a program about the international distress signal, but a collection of workshops. The Secrets of Success or SOS workshops are conducted throughout the semester and are designed to assist students while they are at KCC. More

Kapio (Newspaper of Kapiolani Community College)
Issue Date 02/20/2008 Section News
- Kapio Link

Making a strong start for a strong semester
by Jayme Sumida

“There are many resources available for students academically, as well as personally,” Durland explained. For instance, KCC provides students with many on-campus workshops and learning resources, such as the Secret of Success (SOS) program. The SOS program offers a wide-range of workshop topics, including communication skills and textbook reading strategies. These workshops also give students a chance to meet and familiarize themselves with various instructors and faculty.

Kapio (Newspaper of Kapiolani Community College)
Issue Date 01/29/2008 Section News
- Kapio Link

Course introduces students to college
By: Thomas Duarte

Through the semester, students in the course have learned ways to organize themselves and familiarize themselves with KCC and the services available. The instructors have conducted different activities in and out of the classroom. Students are able to attend some of the SOS workshops learning about the library in addition to study skills and computer skills. Students are also able to take advantage of the Maida Kamber center by taking career inventory tests and receiving transfer advising.

Kapio (Newspaper of Kapiolani Community College)
Issue Date 11/22/2005 Section News
- Kapio Link

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