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The Confident Student

Author: Carol C. Kanar

Publisher: Boston : Houghton Mifflin Co., c2001.
Description: 4th ed., student ed. xxii, 357 p.: col. ill.; 28 cm.
ISBN: 0618046623, 0618046631 (instructor's manual)

Location: KCC Library - Reserve Collection (Circulation Desk)
Call Number: LB2395 .K325 2001


Study skills.
Time management.
Critical thinking.
College student orientation.

This text combines practical and immediately applicable skills and critical-thinking strategies with an emphasis on self-discovery, self-management, and self-assessment. Chapters are presented as a continuous narrative, rather than in smaller segments, to help students make the transition to college-level reading and work. In addition, broader coverage of career readiness appears throughout, including a new chapter, Building Career Skills, with information on decision-making as it relates to career preparation, and an emphasis on the skills most valued by employers.

* Revised Thinking Ahead About Career exercises encourage students to apply the concepts they learn in each chapter to real-life situations. Exercises are linked to the new Career Resource Center web site where related articles can be applied to in-text questions.
* The Comprehensive Skill Finder (or Confidence Index) includes more specific topics and more complete analysis. This assessment tool provides a 4-point scale to help students discover which of their skills need further development. This feature is also available online with key terms linked to definitions. Plus workplace skills are marked with an asterisk to indicate a related article on the Career Resource Center web site.

Table of Contents



CHAPTER 1. Choosing Success in College - 1

Awareness Check 1: How Well Do You Know Your Campus? 2
Form an Academic Support Group 3
Computer Confidence: Use Email to Keep in Touch 5
Embrace Diversity 10
Critical Thinking 13
Confidence Builder: How Flexible Are You? 14
Know Where to Find Help 15
Stay Informed 20
Get Involved 23
Think Ahead 24
Chapter Review 26
Your Reflections 27

CHAPTER 2. Motivating Yourself to Learn - 29

Assess Your Strengths and Weaknesses 30
Awareness Check 2: What Are Your Strengths/Weaknesses in Basic Skills? 31
Confidence Builder: Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence's Theory 32
Discover and Use Your Learning Style 33
Awareness Check 3: What Are Your Sensory Preferences? 36
Awareness Check 4: How Does Your Body React? 38
Awareness Check 5: What Is Your Locus of Control? 42
Critical Thinking 46
Adapt to Others' Styles 47
Develop Critical Thinking and Study Skills 49
Think Ahead 51
Chapter Review 52
Your Reflections 53

CHAPTER 3. Setting Goals and Solving Problems - 55

Set Goals for Success in College 56
Awareness Check 6: What Are Your Reasons for Attending College? 56
Set Reachable Long-Term and Short-Term Goals 58
Confidence Builder: How to Develop a Positive Attitude 64
Use the COPE Method to Solve Problems 65
Critical Thinking 72
Think Ahead 72
Chapter Review 73
Your Reflections 75

CHAPTER 4. Sharpening Your Classroom Skills - 77

Awareness Check 7: How Effective Are Your Classroom Skills? 78
Prepare for Class 79
Become an Active Listener 80
Develop a Personal Note-Taking System 84
Awareness Check 8: How Effective are Your Note-Taking Skills? 84
Critical Thinking 92
Learn to Make Effective Presentations 92
Computer Confidence: Use a Computer to Organize Your Notes 95
Participate in Class and Group Activities 96
Confidence Builder: Interpersonal Skills for College and Career 96
Think Ahead 99
Chapter Review 100
Your Reflections 101

CHAPTER 5. Making the Most of Your Time - 103

How to GRAB Some Time 104
Awareness Check 9: Where Does Your Time Go? 106
Scheduling Your Time 107
Confidence Builder: Time-Management Tips for Student Athletes 120
Procrastination 121
Awareness Check 10: Are You a Procrastinator? 122
Computer Confidence Use the Computer to Save Time 122
Awareness Check 11: What Is Your Attitude Toward Studying? 124
Critical Thinking 127
Think Ahead 128
Chapter Review 130
Your Reflections 131

CHAPTER 6. Maintaining Your Health and Well-Being - 133

Health, Well-Being, and Success in College 134
Staying Healthy 134
Awareness Check 12: Are You Leading a Balanced Life? 135
Computer Confidence: Are You Spending Too Much Time on the Net? 145
Your Emotions 150
Critical Thinking 153
Confidence Builder: Emotional Intelligence--Another Way of Being Smart 155
Your Interpersonal Skills 156
Making Friends 159
Your Sexuality 161
Think Ahead 164
Chapter Review 165
Your Reflections 166


CHAPTER 7. Creating Your Study System - 167

Awareness Check 13: Are You Using Your Textbooks Efficiently? 168
SQ3R: The Basic System 170
Computer Confidence: Survey to Save Time on the Net 176
Confidence Builder: Be Proactive about Studying 180
Critical Thinking 181
Devising Your Study System 181
Think Ahead 186
Chapter Review 187
Your Reflections 188

CHAPTER 8. Organizing Information for Study - 189

Awareness Check 14: How Well Do You Organize Information for Study? 190
Confidence Builder: Attitudes for Study 191
Concept or Information Maps 192
Comparison Charts 195
Time Lines 196
Process Diagrams 197
Critical Thinking 199
Informal Outlines 199
Branching Diagrams 202
Computer Confidence: Using a Computer to Make Study Guides 204
Think Ahead 206
Chapter Review 207
Your Reflections 208

CHAPTER 9. Controlling Your Concentration - 209

Awareness Check 15: What Causes Poor Concentration? 210
Eliminate Distractions 211
Critical Thinking 218
Eliminate Other Causes of Poor Concentration 219
Confidence Builder: A Desktop Relaxation Technique 222
Think Ahead 228
Chapter Review 229
Your Reflections 230

CHAPTER 10. Improving Learning and Memory - 232

How Memory Works 232
Critical Thinking 235
Why You Forget 237
Awareness Check 16: What's in Your Long-Term Memory? 241
Increase Your Memory Power 242
Confidence Builder: Do Something Weird to Jog Your Memory 247
Think Ahead 249
Chapter Review 250
Your Reflections 251

CHAPTER 11. Preparing for Tests - 253

Awareness Check 17: How Do You Study for Tests? 254
How to Prepare for Tests: Three Steps 255
Critical Thinking 261
Develop a Test-Taking Routine 261
Master Objective Tests 264
Know How to Answer Essay Questions 268
Confidence Builder: How to Raise Scores on Standardized Tests 272
Think Ahead 273
Chapter Review 274
Your Reflections 275

CHAPTER 12. Reducing Test Anxiety - 277

Eliminate the Causes of Test Anxiety 278
Awareness Check 18: Do You Have Test Anxiety? 279
Learn to Relax 281
Face Your Fears 283
Fight Distractions 284
Talk Positively to Yourself 285
Confidence Builder: A Meditation Exercise 287
Find Your Best Solution 289
Critical Thinking 290
Think Ahead 292
Chapter Review 293
Your Reflections 294

CHAPTER 13. Becoming an Active Reader - 295

Awareness Check 19: Are You an Active Reader? 296
Reading Actively 297
Find Main Idea, Details, and Implications 300
Confidence Builder: Calculate Your Reading Rate 310
Use a Textbook Marking System 311
Critical Thinking 317
Think Ahead 318
Chapter Review 319
Your Reflections 320

CHAPTER 14. Using Critical Thinking Strategies - 321

Examine Your Assumptions 322
Make Predictions 323
Sharpen Your Interpretations 330
Evaluate What You Learn 340
Critical Thinking 345
Confidence Builder: Think Creatively 347
Think Ahead 348
Chapter Review 349
Your Reflections 350

INDEX - 351



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