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Career Fitness Program: Exercising Your Options

Author: Diane Sukiennik

Publisher: Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall, c2001
Description: 6th ed. xx, 282p.: ill. 28 cm
ISBN: 0130861006

Location: KCC Library - Reserve Collection (Circulation Desk)
Call Number: HF5381 .S914 2001


Vocational guidance.
Job hunting.
Personality assessment.

User-friendly and realistic, this systematic, step- by-step "cutting-edge" guide to career decision-making provides anyone seeking to change, choose, or confirm career goals with a convenient workbook that will guide them in developing a personalized, doable, take-action plan. Based on the authors' over 30 years of cutting-edge experiences in counseling and career delivery systems, and with research and community feedback, the workbook is focused on today's career realities and economy, and addresses the needs of readers of all ages, backgrounds, and specific circumstances. It is filled with pragmatic discussions, relevant exercises, real-life examples of resources and techniques, Web sites, and various strategies that outline the what, when, and how of all aspects of career planning and development. Uses a holistic approach that follows the standard sequence of career search and decision-making issues—Self-Assessment, The Job Market, Decision Making, and The Job Search. Features up-to-date coverage of hot topics such as multiple-intelligence, the year 2000 and beyond, electronic strategies for the job search and resume writing. For anyone seeking to change, choose, or confirm career goals.

Key Benefit: Designed to help readers choose, change, or confirm career choices, this best-selling text/workbook is firmly focused on today's career realities and economy — with sufficient breadth to encourage change and growth for readers of all ages, backgrounds, and specific circumstances.

Key Topics: Exceptionally readable and “user-friendly,” it offers a “complete” or “holistic” approach to career development and follows the standard sequence of career search and decision-making issues — Self-Assessment, The Job Market, Decision Making, and The Job Search. Every section is filled with positive — yet pragmatic — discussions, relevant exercises, and real-life examples of resources and techniques.

Table of Contents

Preface - xiii
About the Author - xv
Introduction: On Your Mark ... Get Set ... - xvi


01 Taking Stock 3
Personal Assessment 4
Understanding the Difference Between a Job and A Career 6
Overview of Life Stages 8
Choosing and Changing Careers 10
Summary 11
Exercises 13
02 Programming Yourself for Success 19
I Am Building Self-Esteem 20
I Maintain a Positive Outlook 21
I Am Assertive 22
I Have a Sense of Humor 22
I Am Self-Confident 23
I Am Enthusiastic 23
I Use Positive Self-Talk [Affirmations] 24
I Visualize Success 25
I Have a Positive Self-Image 26
I Have Multiple Intelligence's 26
I Learn from Role Models 27
I Initiate Action 28
I Am Persistent 28
I Am Disciplined 29
I Demonstrate Emotional Intelligence 29
I Identify My Goals 30
I Am Self-Reliant and Career Resilient 30
I Am Flexible 30
Summary 31
Exercises 32
03 Values Clarification 39
Defining Your Values 40
Clarifying Your Values 40
Needs and Motivators 42
Finding Balance 43
Role of Leisure 43
Summary 44
Exercises 45
04 Focusing on Your Personality and Interests 53
Exploring Personality 54
Identifying Fields of Interest 59
RIASEC (Holland Interest Environments) 60
Career Clusters 71
Occupational Classification System 71
Summary 71
Exercises 74
05 Skills Assessment 79
Defining Skills 80
Identifying Your Skills 80
Identifying Transferable Skills 91
Your Most Valuable Assets: Your Personality Traits 93
Summary 93
Exercises 94


06 The World and You 101
Societal Influences On Career Choices 104
Striving For Equality in the Workforce 105
The Changing Workplace 109
Trends: The Twenty-First Century 115
Finding Your Place in a Changing World 120
Tables, Facts, and Figures 120
Exercises 127
07 Information Integration 131
Brainstorming Career Options 132
Understanding Career Paths and Common Organizational Divisions 133
Government Employment Opportunities 136
Strategies for Researching Career Options 136
U.S. Department of Labor Publications 140
Employer Directories 140
Other Written Sources of Information 141
Computerized Information Sources 142
Exercises 145
08 Making Decisions 151
Overcoming Barriers to Decision Making 152
Decision-Making Strategies (Good and Bad) 153
Conditions for Change 155
A Decision-Making Model 156
Rational/Linear Decision Making 156
Intuitive Decision Making 156
Goal Setting 158
Stress Management 160
Deciding on a Major 161
Deciding on a Training 161
Deciding on a Change 162
Summary 162
Exercises 163


Putting It All Together to Reach a Tentative Career Goal - 171


09 Targeting Your Job Search 183
Designing a Comprehensive Job Search Strategy 183
Your Job Search: Getting Started 186
Starting Your Own Business 190
Franchising 191
Using Career Planning Services 191
Interviewing for Information 192
Networking 196
Job Search While Unemployed 199
Planning for Action 200
Implementing Your Job Search: A Lifelong Venture 202
Summary 205
Exercises 206
10 Preparing a Winning Resume 209
The Resume 210
The Appearance of Your Resume 214
Electronic Resumes 215
Types of Resumes 217
Cover Letter Guidelines 220
Application Forms 221
Summary 223
Exercises 225
11 Interviewing Successfully 249
Before the Interview 250
Interview Guidelines 252
Segments of an Interview 253
Practice Questions 254
How to Handle Illegal Questions 256
Body Language 258
Video Interviewing 260
Learning From the Interview 260
Factors Influencing Hiring 261
If You are Offered the Job 262
If You Do Not Get The Job 265
Exercise 267
12 Future Focus 269

References - 272
Bibliography - 276
Index - 279



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