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College Success Workshops

10 Years and I'm Still Here: (Setting Goals and Objectives)
Kalani Fujiwara walks you through goal setting and determine where you objectives are.

APA Referencing
Joy Oehlers will guide you through the use of APA method of formatting your papers using Library and internet resources.

Career Decision Making: 
Gemma Williams will introduce Career Kokua’s Holland Party Game to help you ID your Holland Code - then match your code with potential careers.

Communication Skills on Video - (Video) (DVD): 
Keith Kashiwada demonstrates effective communication skills.

Dealing with Angels and Devils:  (Emotional intelligence)
Kalani Fujiwara will help you keep your emotions in check, stay focus, do the right thing in hard times.

Drink Two Monsters and Don't Call Me: (Health Management)
Kalani Fujiwara walks you through the steps of health management.  Getting sick can set you back from your goals.

The Exams and Tests:  (Taking Tests Strategies)
Kalani Fujiwara gives you valuable tips and strategies on taking tests.

Exposing Your Resume with ePortfolio:
Kevin Andreshak will show you why eResume has greater advantages over a traditional resume.

Financial Management 1: ("Dude" Where Did My Money Go)
Money problems? Where did all my money go! Always running out of money - broke. Credit Cards debit getting out of hand? Kalani Fujiwara will explain that Good Financial Management is a Lifestyle, not a mode or temporary situation.

Financial Management 2:  (Show Me The Money)
Kalani Fujiwara will introduce you to the many ways on investing your money for your future. Save for a rainy day! What are your life goals? A fast Car?, Big House?, Lots of Bling? How do I achieve my dreams and live a rich and fulfilling life! "Show Me the Money," a well-known phrase uttered by characters in the 1996 film Jerry Maguire. When people say this, they either want to know how much they will be paid for something or want to see evidence that something is valuable or worth paying for.

Focus II: Find Your Dream Career: Find your Dream Career 
Complete the Focus II, a Career and Educational Planning System, and Gemma Williams will help you to understand the results.  NOTE: You need to complete the first 3 sections of Focus II online survey before attending. Register in Ilima 104 and get a password.

The Half-time Show: (Imperative for Midterm Evaluations)  
Kalani Fujiwara will help you make adjustments as you go though the middle of the semester.

Healthy Relationships & Campus Safety
Veronica Ogata leads in a highly interactive session, KCC peer educators and campus security will share valuable tips on fostering healthy dating relationships and being safe on campus.

How to Survive an Online Course - (Video) (DVD):
Jimmy Shimabukuro will share important tips on maximizing your success in an online course.

Improve Your Grammar:  Cool tools but no Magic Pills
Gail Harada will show you Internet sites that have cool tools to study grammar as well as sites that have handouts/that you can printout for yourselves. Give you suggestions on strategies to overcome common grammar errors.

Improve Your Vocabulary:
Mavis Hara shows you how to develop your vocabulary. Can you read a million words in a year?

Internet Searching
Joy Oehlers will give you an intro to the Internet, searching tips and suggest some useful resources.

Introduction to a Foreign Language
Shawn Ford will give you valuable tips on how to be successful in taking a foreign language class.

Laulima for Students
If you are in a class that uses this software package, you may want to attend this works shop to better understand how to use it.

Learning Styles: 
Colette Higgins shows how knowing your learning style can help you maximize your academic success.

Library Resources: 
Joy Oehlers will show you the various resources in the library and give you some hands on time with them.

Lifetime of Interdependence: (Creating Support Networks)
Kalani Fujiwara will help you build a network of friends and resources on campus.

Livescribe Pulse Pen (Demo): 
Cheryll Aldridge will give you a demo of the awesome features of this special note taking pen.

Microsoft Excel 2007 Basics: 
David Cabatu gives a basic intro to Microsoft Excel.  Hands-On

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Basics:
Arnie Reyes gives a basic intro to Microsoft PowerPoint.  Hands-On

Microsoft Word 2007 Basics: 
Arnie Reyes gives a basic intro to Microsoft Word. Learn tips on typing your papers. Hands-On

MLA Referencing
Joy Oehlers will guide you through the use of MLA method of formatting your papers using Library and internet resources.

Myers/Briggs Type Indicator:
Goal of knowing about personality type is to understand and appreciate differences between people. Gemma Williams will help you discover your personality type and explore careers to match your type. Understand the connection between personality type and career success.

Power Of Choice: (Why are you Here? Making the most of College)
Kalani Fujiwara will give you an overall picture of how you can make the best of your college stay.

Queen Kapi'olani and KCC:
Colette Higgins will go through the history and impact of Queen Julia Kapi'olani's (1834-1899) legacy with relation to KCC.

Self Improvement: How to build self-confidence (Video):
Through video and discussion, Gemma Williams will explore how culture, family, personality and accomplishment affect a student’s self-confidence, and how building self-esteem can lead to self-improvement.

Stress Management: Stressed Out About School and Work?
Gemma Williams will help you assess your level of stress, introduce stress management techniques. Students will practice stress reduction and relaxation.

Taking Notes in College
Kalani Fujiwara gives you tips and various methods of taking notes.

Textbook Reading Strategies:
Dianne Ida reveals ways to read your textbooks more efficiently and effectively.

Thinking Through History:
Colette Higgins and Brian Cassity share ways to get a better perspective on history.

Time Management: (Leaping Through Time)
Kalani Fujiwara offers suggestions to help better manage your time.

Transferring Soon? 
Gemma Williams addresses strategies for a successful transfer, a glossary of transfer terms, information about transfer events, and frequently asked questions about transferring to another college.

Writing a Research Paper with LILO
Kevin Roddy will introduce you to LILO (Learning Information Literacy Online) Website and its resources available to you to help you do research and write at the college level.

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